1200 KW Generator
1200 KW Generator
1200 KW Generator

1200 KW Generator

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1200 KW Generator
1200kw diesel generator set produced and sold by Beidou Power Company, the main brands are Cummins, Perkins, Yuchai, etc.1200kw units with silent boxes must be matched with customized containers.

Detailed description:

1.Basic parameters:

Mainly used 250 kw electric generator set


Diesel engine



Open type(L* W* H)(cm

Cummins Chongqing















1The above series units are: 1500RPM, 50HZ, 230 / 400V, power factor 0.8, three-phase four-wire system.

260HZ and other speed generators can be customized according to customer requirements.

3The generator can choose Stanford, Marathon, Inge, and other brands according to customer needs.

4The diesel generator set standard in our company contains start-up battery, battery connection line, shock absorber of unit, smoke exhaust pipe, bellows, etc.

5This parameter table is for reference only.

2.1200KW diesel generating set scope of application:

1200kw diesel generator set can be used in coal mine industry, aquaculture industry, hotel industry, data center and other industries. For some hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, banks and other areas with high noise requirements, you can choose silent generator sets or ordinary power generation The unit is equipped with a noise reduction machine room.

3. Noise solution of Beidou 1200kw diesel generator:

The first thing we need to pay attention to is that when a 1200 kw diesel generator is running at 1500 rpm, it will generate 105 decibels of noise at a distance of one meter from the generator set. In order to avoid the noise coming out of the machine room, it affects our normal Life and silence engineering can be handled from five aspects.

The first point is to mute the opening and closing of doors in the computer room. Each machine room will have at least one access switch. From the perspective of our silencing, there is no need to install a lot of gates in the machine room. Most users usually set up a gate and a small door, no more than 3 square meters as much as possible. The metal is the frame, the inside is equipped with high-strength sound insulation materials, and the outside is the metal iron plate. The sound-absorbing door should closely cooperate with the wall and the door frame. In order to reduce the noise.

The second point is the silence of the air intake system of the generator set. When the generator set is working, it needs sufficient air intake to maintain normal operation. The general air intake system should be set directly opposite the fan exhaust of the unit. According to our work experience, the air intake needs to be forced air intake. After the silencer air slot is drawn into the machine room by the blower, in order to reduce the noise.

The third point is that the exhaust system of the generator set is silent. The generator set uses a water tank fan system to cool the elbows, and the water tank radiator must be discharged out of the machine room. To control noise, it is necessary to install an exhaust muffler air slot in the exhaust system to reduce the noise.

Fourth, the exhaust system of the diesel engine outside the generator room is silenced. The exhaust air of the generator set will be noisy after being exhausted by the exhaust muffler air slot after being exhausted outside the machine room. The muffler air trough has a brick wall structure on the outside and a sound absorbing panel inside to reduce noise.

The fifth point is the exhaust muffler system of the generator set. The exhaust gas emitted by the work of the generator set generates a certain amount of noise. We add a silencer to the exhaust system of the generator set. At the same time, we need to use fireproof rock wool materials for the exhaust muffler pipes. The heat dissipated into the machine room can also reduce the working vibration of the unit, so as to achieve the purpose of attenuating noise.

4. About our 1200kw container generator set:

The container generator set of beidoupowercompany can prevent the intrusion of rain and dust, and is used in harsh environments, such as construction sites, large buildings, airports, ports, offshore operating platforms. According to international standard container design and manufacturing, lower than 1000KVA 20 feet, higher than 1250KVA 40 feet; the entire unit can be used directly as a standard container, greatly saving transportation costs; two explosion-proof lights in the box / one explosion-proof light on the control panel, Convenient user operation and maintenance. These doors can be opened before and after the container. Side doors are provided on both sides of the box to facilitate user maintenance. There is a ladder outside the box. All hinges, locks and bolts are made of stainless steel. Anti-rainwater intrusion device; the control screen and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for the daily operation of the user and the connection of the output cable; the standard configuration is the permanent magnet excitation PMG system, which improves the starting ability of the motor and is not affected by waveform distortion There are many unique design points for fuel tanks, pipelines, oil discharge, mufflers, etc., which are favored by users; the interior of the silent storage tank is not only high-performance aging-resistant flame-retardant sound insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials. Great design.

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