300KW Generator Low Noise
300KW Generator Low Noise
300KW Generator Low Noise
300KW Generator Low Noise
300KW Generator Low Noise
300KW Generator Low Noise
300KW Generator Low Noise

300KW Generator Low Noise

Model NO.:
300 KW Generator Low Noise
Beidou power 300kw generator low noise set is a power supply device that uses a diesel engine as the prime mover and drags a synchronous generator to generate electricity.

Detailed description:

The difference between Beidou's 300kw low-noise generator set and general generators is that Beidou's 300kw low-noise generator set adds a very effective sound cancellation device, which is mainly used in homes and places with high requirements for noise control. Our silent generator set has the characteristics of small size, light weight, compact structure, beautiful sound insulation cover, simple disassembly and assembly, convenient unit operation, excellent performance, and reliable operation. It is mainly used in schools, hotels, telecommunications industries and other fields. Diesel generator sets are a good helper for backup power sources, which not only solves the need for electricity, but also eases the current power shortage.

300kw rainproof diesel generator

1.Beidou power diesel generator features:

1) The box body is made of cooling, and the CNC blanking bends the Wei shape. There are air exhaust, smoke exhaust cabin, air inlet cabin, operation box, power distribution output box, base oil tank, etc .;

2). The inner and outer surfaces adopt outdoor plastic spraying process, which can be used directly outdoors. Outside the cabin operation:

3) The inside of the box is made of high-energy sound-absorbing material, which effectively reduces the noise of the unit.

2.Beidou power 300kw low-noise generator set composition:

(1) Diesel engines meeting 300 kw of power

(2) Generators matching the power of the generator set

(3) Control panel, controller and mute box of diesel generator set

(4) Accessories for batteries, battery wires, mufflers, water tanks, fans, chassis, etc.

(5) Random attachments for 300KW generator set: skill file, application statement, certificate of conformity

3.Optional equipment for Beidou 300kw low-noise diesel generator set

(1) Self-starting control system

(2) Automatic power switching systemATS 

Fully automated diesel generator sets can be unattended. When the utility power fails or any of the three phases fails, it can automatically issue commands to start the diesel generator set, and then check each item of the diesel generator set itself. Whether the parameters are normal. If there is a parameter difference, the output short circuit will be prohibited from closing, and then the diesel generator will stop running, and an audible and visual alarm will be issued.

(3)Rainproof unit (box)

Humanized design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, reliable work, long service life, good fuel economy, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance, strong environmental adaptability, rain and moisture resistance, corrosion resistance.

(4)Mobile trailer type power station (box trailer)

A new type of mobile power station with generator set installed on a trailer. The trailer power station has good mobility, strong adaptability, and rapid power supply, and is suitable for occasions where power is inconvenient and cannot be supplied, such as power maintenance, engineering repairs, field operations and emergencies. It is widely used in the communication industry, water conservancy and hydropower, municipal engineering and metallurgical mines.

(5) Silent mobile power station (box trailer)

A low-noise 300KW generator set is mounted on a trailer, a new type of mobile power station for mobile operation.

(6) Split daily fuel tank, integrated base fuel tank, etc.

4. Maintenance content of Beidou 300kw low-noise diesel generator set

(1) Check whether the smooth oil surface is normal before starting the generator every day.

(2) Whether the cooling liquid level of the cooling water tank of the generator set is normal, and whether the radiator and the intercooler core are blocked.

(3) Whether the air filter of the generator set is blocked.

(4) Check every operation data of generator set every 50 hours.

(5) Check whether the battery liquid level is at the normal value, and clean up the water leakage, fuel leakage and oil leakage of the diesel generator set.

(6) 200-300 hours (200 hours for new engines): Replace engine oil, oil filters, air filters, and fuel filters. The fuel tank oil pollution needs to be discharged regularly, and the cooling fan blades of diesel engines are rolled and tensioned with triangular tape to check regularly.

(7) Regularly check whether the radiator core of the generator set is clogged, whether it needs to be cleaned, check whether the air pipe and its hose joints are damaged, whether the clamps are loose, and there should be no leakage at the oil inlet and outlet of the turbocharger.

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