30KW Movable Generator
30KW Movable Generator
30KW Movable Generator
30KW Movable Generator
30KW Movable Generator
30KW Movable Generator
30KW Movable Generator

30KW Movable Generator

Model NO.:
30 KW Movable Generator
30KW mobile generator, manufacturer of Beidou Power Diesel Generator, factory direct sales, cheap price, latest price, welcome to buy.

Product Description:

Yangzhou Beidou Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has a complete range of engine brands, including Cummins, Volvo, Weichai, SDEC, Yuchai, etc., with high cost performance and guaranteed quality.

This 30kw trailer type generator set can be composed of Cummins engine and Beidou alternator in China. Other brands can be selected and also can match the automatic start controller. Cummins engine generator is a good product with good quality and good reputation at home and abroad. Its quality and performance are guaranteed.The mobile power station is a mobile power source designed for field construction units. Its cover is made of high-quality galvanized sheet, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and good sealing. The four-sided windows and doors are automatically hydraulically supported for easy opening. It can be designed as two-wheel, four-wheel, six-wheel, and designed with manual, automatic, pneumatic and hydraulic brakes. The brakes are reliable and stable. It is an ideal and mobile power source for all field construction units.

1.Beidou power productadvantages:

(1)Low noise.

(2)The 30kw generator on trailer is small in vibration, small in size.

(3)Easy to start, reliable operation, convenient operation.

(4)Special quick opening cover, easy maintenance.

(5)Equipped with vehicle-mounted security support, the location of equipment is fast and convenient.

(6)The generator excitation system can make the frequency fluctuation recover quickly when the unit is loaded at any instant.

(7)Multi-layer shielded impedance mismatched sound insulation cover.

(8)Efficient and noise-reducing multi-channel air intake and exhaust channels ensure sufficient power performance of the unit.

(9)The engine runs smoothly.

(10)Fast and reliable cold start performance.

(11)Exquisite and compact layman's design.

(12)Low fuel consumption and low running cost.

(13)Each performance index meets the requirements specified in GB / T13032-91.

2.Beidou power productparameter

Here are some technical parameters of our products for your reference and I believe they may interest you.

Genset model


Prime power


Standby power


Rated frequency/speed



Three phase

Power factor


Rated voltage

400 /230 V

Rated current

54 A

Voltage fluctuation rate (%)


Frequency fluctuation rate (%)


Load abrupt voltage stabilization time(s)


Load abrupt Frequency stabilization time(s)


Waveform distortion rate (%)


Engine model

Dongfeng Cummins 4BT3.9-G1

Alternator model


Power factor


Insulation grade


Protection grade


Winding pitch


Telephone interference:

THF2%   TIF50


The diesel generator set produced by beidou power can be widely used in farms, agriculture, fish farming and other industries as power and lighting power sources, can be used as mobile power sources for railways, factories, mines, engineering construction, etc., can also be used in hospitals, schools, hotels, etc. Use silent units in public places. At present, it has been widely used in the fields of fire protection, shipping oil, and mineral extraction.


(1)30kw mobile diesel generator's fuel-saving performance, mute effect, running function, output waveform, and high-quality repair and maintenance services have won praise from users at home and abroad. The unique operation design of Beidou diesel generator set is economical and practical, simple and easy to operate, durable, high reliability, and saves tedious maintenance. The original Beidou engine has safety, high efficiency and strong durability. It is equipped with protection devices. It ensures safe operation and adopts a quiet and anti-vibration design. The production and testing of Beidou Power fully meet the GB / T2820-97 standard.

(2)30kw mobile diesel generator is a small power generation equipment. It is driven by an internal combustion engine and drives a synchronous generator to generate electricity. Through the coaxial installation of a brushless synchronous alternator and a diesel crankshaft, the generator can be driven by the rotation of a diesel engine. When the load circuit is closed, fuel economy and thermal efficiency can be generated; when operating conditions change and fuel consumption rate, fuel consumption rate can be generated; at low load, the curve is relatively flat and economical.

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