Auto Start Diesel Generator
Auto Start Diesel Generator
Auto Start Diesel Generator
Auto Start Diesel Generator
Auto Start Diesel Generator

Auto Start Diesel Generator

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Auto Start Diesel Generator
Beidou power auto start diesel generator by brand generators with Cummins, Volvo,Perkins and Yuchai, Shangchai,Weifang and other famous brand diesel engine.

Detailed description:

The  auto start diesel generator is designed with advanced control system smaand special program controller, which can automatically start the unit and put it into operation and power supply when the mains power is lost, phase is missing or under voltage.When a fault occurs, the sound-light alarm device will automatically alarm, and can remember the fault point, and can automatically unload and stop, to ensure the safety of the unit.

The control screen adopts full crystal display, soft touch switch, with good handle, clear display, reliable action and other characteristics.At the same time, we can also design two or more units for users to automatically connect the control screen, so that the adjustment process is very fast, accurate and stable, stable performance, reliable.

1.Application scenarios

Auto start diesel generator are widely used in national defense, posts and telecommunications, hospitals, high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, highways, ports, sports and entertainment venues as communication, power and lighting commonly used or emergency power supply.

Cummins diesel generator with ATS:

2.Main technical performance indicators

Transient voltage adjustment rate: ≤-15%-+20%;

Steady-state frequency adjustment rate: ≤±5%;

Adjustment rate of transient frequency: ≤±10%;

Frequency recovery time: ≤3s;

Sinusoidal distortion rate of line voltage waveform: ≤2.5%;

Hot-cold voltage change rate: ≤2%;

Self-invested time: <35s.

3.Function description:

Automatic start and input functions When the mains power grid stops power supply or the mains voltage is lower than the rated value of 80%, the unit will start automatically. After the startup is successful, power supply will be provided to the load. The whole process of a successful startup is controlled within 15 seconds.

Automatic exit function During the spontaneous power output of the generator set in the automatic state, if the mains power is restored and confirmed after 30 seconds, the unit starts to execute the automatic exit procedure, the unit will first cut off the load, restore the mains power supply, and then automatically stop after the cooling machine runs for 2 minutes.If the power supply is stopped during the operation of the cooling machine, the unit will automatically adjust the high speed and restore the power supply to the load.

Warning/fault protection function Low battery voltage, charging failure, over current, low oil pressure, high water temperature have warning function, that is, the value in the alarm does not stop, at this point warning lights flashing;When the value exceeds the stop value, the oil machine fails and stops.There are fault protection functions for low speed, over speed, frequency over limit, voltage over limit, emergency stop, and startup failure. If the input value of a circuit analog quantity is greater than the upper limit or less than the lower limit, the corresponding overhigh/underlow delay will begin.

Automatic charging function The unit can automatically charge the starting control battery during the period of mains electricity or spontaneous electricity.The charging system adopts switching power supply, which can charge the battery in two stages.In the first stage of charging, when the battery capacity is low, constant current 6ADC is used for charging. When the battery voltage reaches 26.5VDC, it is transferred to constant voltage charging and floating charging is maintained.When the battery is fully charged, the charging current will automatically be zero.

Manual function  the panel of the unit control system is equipped with automatic and manual operation. When the system is in the manual state, it can start the unit, install and change at high and low speed, supply power, stop the unit, alarm signal, light test and alarm to remove the automatic power opening and closing, and the mains power closing and other operations.The emergency stop knob is in effect in both automatic and manual states.Do not use this button in an emergency.

Overview of other functions Use animated icon alarm, fault display, high brightness, multi-color LCD display parameters;Automatic recording of unit running time;Compact and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance.

4.Advantages of Auto Start Diesel Generator:

High reliability and stable power generation usually operates at 90% of rated power.

Strong load adaptability. The fuel consumption rate changes little when the unit load changes from 50% to 100%, so the peak-regulation economy is good and the load variation range is large.

The unit starts quickly and can reach full power very quickly. Generally, it only takes a few seconds for the diesel engine to start

Small capacity, simple operation technology, easy to grasp the general operators.Simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, need less operators, small amount of maintenance during the standby period.

For generator sets matching high supercharged, medium-speed diesel engines, its structure is compact (high power per unit volume).

Auto Start, noise vibration can be effectively controlled.

5.Type of Auto Start Diesel Generator set

 Silent/open/rain proof/mobile 

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