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Container Type Generator

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Container Type Generator
The Beidou container type generator set is suitable for large factories, buildings and other places that require noise control and high-power motors.

Brief description:

The Beidou container type generator set is suitable for large factories, buildings and other places that require noise control and high-power motors.

Detailed description:

The container generator set of beidoupowercompany can prevent the intrusion of rain and dust, and is used in harsh environments, such as construction sites, large buildings, airports, ports, offshore operating platforms. According to international standard container design and manufacturing, lower than 1000KVA 20 feet, higher than 1250KVA 40 feet; the entire unit can be used directly as a standard container, greatly saving transportation costs; two explosion-proof lights in the box / one explosion-proof light on the control panel, Convenient user operation and maintenance. These doors can be opened before and after the container. Side doors are provided on both sides of the box to facilitate user maintenance. There is a ladder outside the box. All hinges, locks and bolts are made of stainless steel. Anti-rainwater intrusion device; the control screen and the output switch cabinet are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for the daily operation of the user and the connection of the output cable; the standard configuration is the permanent magnet excitation PMG system, which improves the starting ability of the motor and is not affected by waveform distortion There are many unique design points for fuel tanks, pipelines, oil discharge, mufflers, etc., which are favored by users; the interior of the silent storage tank is not only high-performance aging-resistant flame-retardant sound insulation materials and sound-absorbing materials. Great design.

1.Standard equipment of container typegenerator set:

1Lifting corner; 2Liquid filling port;3Muffler;4Exhaust port;5Access door;6Emergency stop device;7Control cabinet;8Switch cabinet door; 9Exit door; Air inlet;10Coolant and oil drain.11Grounding bolt; 12Fixed corner; 13Ladder;14External fuel tank connection.

2.The advantages of beidou container typegenerator set: beautiful in appearance and reasonable in structure. Good sealing performance, fully enclosed box, made of high-strength steel plate, rain-proof, snow-proof and dust-proof, can work in harsh environment, good sound insulation effect, high-frequency, mid-frequency, low-frequency pulsed flame-resistant sound-absorbing cotton can effectively reduce the unit All kinds of noise. The muffler adopts high-efficiency resistance type muffler to reduce the noise of the exhaust port of the unit. It's very convenient to take the elevator. To facilitate transportation, 4 lifting devices are installed in the unit box. The noise reduction standard conforms to the ISO regulations, and the silent enclosure structure that meets the urban environmental protection requirements reduces noise to below 68-75db. A good ventilation system and measures to prevent heat radiation ensure that the unit always operates at a suitable ambient temperature. The super large capacity basic oil tank can work continuously for 8 hours. Special noise reduction materials and noise reduction materials greatly reduce mechanical noise. Effective damping measures ensure the balanced operation of the unit. Scientific observation window and emergency stop button are convenient for operation and observation of running status.

3.The functions and features of beidou container typegenerator set are introduced in detail

  1. Functions and features ① and manual / automatic functions; ② controller functions, load distributor and synchronizer; ③ intelligent and user-friendly parallel operation, Simple operation; ④ Engine supports EFI, non-EFI and gas; ⑤ Display engine parameters, generator parameters, unit parameters and bus parameters; ⑥ Support multiple languages; ⑦ Adjust peak-cutting and valley-filling functions; ⑧ Alarm classification : Early warning, electronic travel and shutdown; can be preset; ⑨ running time: ⑩ maintenance cycle function can be preset;

(2) humanized operation: Windows-based operating interface control system: the control system is mainly used to control the diesel generator set Automatic conversion to special power generation device and unidirectional power supply, integrating digitalization, intelligence and network technology, to realize start-stop control of generator set, real-time monitoring and data measurement, alarm protection; can also monitor the quality of mains power supply When the mains power supply deviates from the set value or a power failure occurs, it automatically controls the start of the unit to achieve the conversion between mains and power generation. Performance characteristics ① and manual / automatic functions; ②ATS functions; ③ display engine parameters, generator parameters, power parameters, city power parameters; ④ if you do not need to detect power, you can set to disable the city power detection function; Engine, generator, power supply monitoring and protection functions; ⑥ Two working modes and protection parameters can be preset; ⑦ Software can upgrade the firmware version itself; ⑧ Operation time can be preset (unit starts regular maintenance operations)

4.Notes on ourcontainertypegenerator:

①The container type generator set is a customized product ②The container type supports customer logo spraying, please explain in advance ③High-power generator set, a container type as a silent shell is required for normal 800 KW or more ④Long production cycle of container type generator set

Customized shutter container type diesel generator set:

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