Diesel Generator Set
Diesel Generator Set
Diesel Generator Set
Diesel Generator Set

Diesel Generator Set

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Diesel Generator Set
Diesel generator set is a commonly used power supply device which can supply continuous and strong electric power.

Detailed introduction

Beidou power supply range as a professional manufacturer and supplier of diesel generator sets, Beidou powersupply can produce diesel generators from 2KW / 3KVA to 2800KW / 3500KVA, which can meet all customer needs.

1.The main application range of beidou power generator sets:

Diesel generator sets are small and medium-sized power generation equipment. It has the advantages of flexible movement, less investment and convenient start-up. Widely used in transportation, mining, road construction, forest area, farmland irrigation, farmland construction, national defense engineering and other fields. The diesel generator set is also the AC power supply equipment of the self-provided power station. The diesel generator set is suitable for the occasions where the public power grid cannot deliver to the communication bureau station, mining area, forest area, pastoral area and national defense project. It requires an independent power supply as the main power source for lighting and lighting. For the main power supply area, and the reliability of power supply is high, power failure can be prohibited within a few seconds, and power equipment needs to be quickly restored, such as telecommunications, banks, hotels, airports and other important departments. Used as emergency backup power supply. Power failure can quickly provide stable AC power. The main requirement of the diesel generator set is that it can automatically generate electricity at any time, be reliable, and ensure the voltage and frequency of the power supply to meet the requirements of electromechanical equipment.

2.Working principle of Beidou dieselgenerator set:

Diesel engine drives generator to convert diesel energy into electrical energy. In the diesel engine cylinder, the clean air filtered by the air cleaner is fully mixed with the high-pressure atomized diesel fuel sprayed from the fuel nozzle. Under the upward compression of the piston, the volume decreases and the temperature rises rapidly, reaching the ignition point of the diesel engine. The diesel is ignited, the mixed gas burns violently, the volume expands rapidly, and the piston is depressed. This is called"work". Each cylinder works in a certain order, and the thrust acting on the piston becomes the force that pushes the crankshaft through the connecting rod, thereby driving the crankshaft to rotate. The brushless synchronous generator is installed coaxially with the diesel engine crankshaft, so that the generator rotor is driven by the rotation of the diesel engine. Using the principle of"electromagnetic induction", the generator will output induced electromotive force and generate current by closing the load circuit.

3.Precautions for installation of beidou diesel generator set

The installation area of the diesel generator set should be kept clean, and items that generate corrosive gases (such as acid, alkali, steam, etc.) should be avoided nearby. If possible, fire-fighting equipment should be provided. The generator casing must have a reliable protective ground. The generator needs to be directly grounded to the neutral point, and professionals must perform neutral point grounding and be equipped with lightning protection devices. It is strictly forbidden to use a power grounding device for neutral grounding. Bidirectional switches with power supplies must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The wiring reliability of the bidirectional switch needs to be approved by the local power supply department. The installation location of diesel generator set should be well ventilated. There should be sufficient air inlet at the generator end, and a good air outlet at the diesel engine end. The area of the air outlet should be greater than 1.5 times the area of the water tank. Old diesel generators need to be based on concrete. During installation, the liquid level must be measured with a spirit level to keep the equipment level. There should be special anti-vibration pads or anchor bolts between the equipment and the foundation. However, modern diesel generators do not require concrete as a foundation, because modern diesel generators have been improved. The whole device lies flat on the ground and is equipped with shock absorbers, which is very convenient. When the exhaust pipe is used indoors, it must lead to the outdoor, the diameter of the exhaust pipe must be the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the muffler, and the elbow of the connecting pipe must not exceed 3, to ensure smooth emission of smoke, the pipe should be obliquely downward 5- 10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically, a rain cover must be installed.

4.The four main factors to consider when choosing a diesel generator:

Include the mechanical and electrical performance, the use of the equipment, the load capacity and the range of change, and the automation function when choosing equipment.

(1) The purpose of this unit. Because the diesel generator set can be used in three situations: normal, standby and emergency. Therefore, different applications have different requirements for diesel generating sets.

(2) Carrying capacity. Select the load capacity and load variation range according to different uses, and determine the stand-alone capacity of the diesel generating set and the capacity of the standby diesel generating set.

(3) Unit environmental conditions (mainly refers to altitude and climatic conditions)

(4) Selection of diesel generator set

(5) Generator selection and excitation method

(6) Selection of automation function of diesel generator

5. The sales staff of Beidou will recommend suitable brands and technical parameters according to the above points. If you have a designated brand, please inform in advance,contacted information.

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