Generator Diesel for Home
Generator Diesel for Home
Generator Diesel for Home
Generator Diesel for Home
Generator Diesel for Home
Generator Diesel for Home

Generator Diesel for Home

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Generator Diesel for Home
The small power diesel generator set produced by Beidou Power is from 2kw-100kw, which can be used for home, can provide enough power for the small power mechanical equipment of the family, and can also meet your outdoor travel electricity.

Detailed introduction:

Basic introduction of diesel generator set home use:

The domestic diesel generator set produced by our company provides a generator set with a power of 2-100kw. These units have the characteristics of sufficient power, easy maintenance, and small size. They can provide you when you are traveling outdoors or away from electricity Adequate power support.

2-10KW small units are available in open frame or silent type. The casing is equipped with wheels for easy movement.

3KW open-frame household generator set (can be moved)

5KW silent generator set (mobile with ATS)

Advantages of Beidou household diesel generators:

1. Small diesel generator set is widely used in schools, hospitals, hotels and other industries, as a backup power supply or temporary power supply, it is widely used.

2. The small diesel generator set has small size, strong horsepower, safe and reliable use, stable quality, and good quality.

3. High thermal efficiency, compact structure, flexible control

The basic composition of Beidou household generator set:

The composition of the generator; there are three main parts, the engine, the generator, and the controller. It is four strokes. There are water cooling and air cooling.

The cooling system of the 2-20kw generator set is basically air-cooled, and the water cooling system is basically matched with the 20kw and above.

Warm reminder of Beidou Power:

1.The start of the household diesel generator should be carried out according to the requirements of its diesel engine maintenance manual.

2. If the unit is stored for too long during voltage regulation, the generator is demagnetized and the voltage cannot be established. At this time, the battery can be magnetized and the magnetic field during magnetization The winding L1 (+) is connected to the battery positive electrode L2 (-) to the battery negative electrode, and must not be connected incorrectly.

3. If the button is pressed for 10 seconds, the ignition cannot be started. Wait for about one minute and then start the second time. If it fails three times in a row, The cause of the fault should be identified before starting. You can contact our sales and technical staff to find out.

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