Generator Rain Proof
Generator Rain Proof
Generator Rain Proof
Generator Rain Proof

Generator Rain Proof

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Generator Rain Proof
The beidou silent generator set is equipped with a layer of silent cover, which can prevent rainwater from entering when it rains, and plays the role of a generator rain proof set.

Detailed description

The beidou power silent diesel generator set adopts a silent shell, which has the characteristics of anti-noise, rain, sand and direct sunlight. It can be widely used in places with bad weather, rain and snow, and machine-free rooms, such as some construction projects, mining enterprises, factory emergency power supply, and community construction backup power supply.

150kw rainproof unit delivered to Nigerian construction site:

1.Rainproof foundation of beidou power supply muffler unit:

1Perkins, Cummins and other diesel power units.

2Beidou customized mute cabinet, customized logo according to customer needs.

3Generators like Beidou and Stanford.

4Available Choose deep sea, intelligent controller.

2.Reasons for choosing beidou generator set:

1High quality, choose famous brand diesel engine as power, eliminate fake and shoddy.

2Silent type device with high strength, can be lifted by crane.

3Strict quality management,supply chain Management,inventory management system, etc.

3.Our independent rain-proof generator set of beidou power company

(1)The generator set adopts a special waterproof foundation. The cover provides raincoats, poncho door installation, the cover is installed on the cover and can be extended with the rainproof door on the lower side to expand or close the rainproof door of the telescopic pole. Preferably, a rain cover is provided above the hinge of the rain door and the cover body, and both sides of the cover body are opened by a double door, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to perform repair or maintenance. The rainproof device of the generator set can well protect the generator set from rain. Maintenance personnel can also repair the generator set in the rain, speed up the maintenance speed, enable the generator set to be put into use as soon as possible, reduce the shutdown time, and avoid unnecessary loss of manpower and financial resources.

(2) Disadvantages: Because the rainproof generator set does not have sound insulation measures, it cannot play a good sound insulation effect

4. Regarding the installation requirements of our company's generator set, the diesel generator set should be kept clean around the site, and avoid placing objects that generate acidic, alkaline and other corrosive gases and steam nearby. If possible, fire extinguishing devices should be provided. The generator casing must have a reliable protective ground. For generators that require a neutral ground, the neutral ground must be provided by professionals and equipped with lightning protection devices. It is strictly forbidden to use the grounding device of commercial power supply for neutral grounding. Bidirectional switches with power supplies must be very reliable to prevent reverse power transmission. The wiring reliability of the bidirectional switch must be checked and approved by the local power supply department. The installation location of the diesel generator set should be well ventilated, the generator end should have sufficient air inlet, and the diesel engine end should have good air outlet. The area of the air outlet should be more than 1.5 times the area of the water tank. Old diesel generators need concrete as the foundation. During installation, a horizontal ruler must be used to measure the horizontal plane, so that the machine is fixed on a horizontal foundation. There should be special anti-vibration pads or foot bolts between the unit and the foundation. Modern diesel generators do not need concrete as a foundation, because modern diesel generator sets have been improved, the entire unit is flat on the ground, and equipped with shock absorbers, which is very convenient. When used indoors, the smoke exhaust duct must be led outdoors. The diameter of the pipe must be the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the muffler. There should be no more than 3 elbows connected to the pipeline to ensure smooth smoke exhaust. The pipeline is inclined downward 5-10 degrees to avoid rainwater injection; if the exhaust pipe is installed vertically upward, a rain cover must be installed.

5.Other types of generator sets of our company include:

1Self-protection and self-starting unit control screen

2ATS automatic load conversion screen

3Open generator diesel set

4Rainproof type unit

 5Mobile trailer type 

6Silent mobile trailer

6. For the technical parameters and prices of the rainproof generator set, please contact our sales staff immediately to obtain a detailed quotation plan. Contact link