Hospital Diesel Generator
Hospital Diesel Generator
Hospital Diesel Generator
Hospital Diesel Generator

Hospital Diesel Generator

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Hospital Diesel Generator
In order to avoid the medical risks caused by accidental power outages, the hospital must be equipped with a medical diesel generator set, which is the emergency backup power supply of the hospital.

Detailed description:

1.Main generator set of Beidou hospital diesel generator conditions of use:

Due to the small size, flexibility, lightness, complete equipment, convenient operation and maintenance of many diesel generators, many hospitals are equipped with diesel power generation equipment.

Yangzhou Beidou Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has rich application knowledge and engineering expertise, and can achieve a stable and reliable power system for medical institutions. Whether medical institutions only need emergency backup power supplies or flexible implementation of constant load power supplies, Beidou Power will design and deploy solutions for each power system situation.

The electrical systems established by medical institutions are much larger and more complex than those in traditional commercial buildings. Beidou Power understands the advanced requirements of hospital power systems and provides the highest degree of reliability and flexibility while increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Hospital Diesel Generator

2.How do hospitals choose generators?

It is recommended that you refer to the following suggestions:

(1)Stability and reliability of diesel power generation equipment.Medical use: diesel generators can be operated stably and reliably, the altitude does not exceed 1000 meters, the working environment temperature is 40 ℃ to -15 ℃, and the rated power output mode works for 24 hours . In order to ensure the normal operation of hospital electricity, medical diesel generating equipment is generally equipped with two diesel generators of the same power, one main generator, and one standby generator. When one of them fails, the standby diesel generator will immediately start to supply power to ensure safe and timely power supply to the hospital.

(2)The diesel generator set for medical and health use must solve the noise problem, and it is best to be a sound-absorbing type: the noise of the diesel generator set can reach 110 decibels when working. In an environment like a hospital, noise must be reduced to ensure a quiet enough environment to allow doctors to work at ease and patients to rest at ease.

(3)The diesel generating set for medical and health use must start automatically, with high sensitivity and good safety requirements: transform the diesel generating set into an unattended, intelligent and automatic type. When the main power supply is cut off, the diesel generator generates electricity, the function starts quickly, the power supply is automatically turned on, and is disconnected from the commercial power supply terminal, with high sensitivity and good safety.

3. The stable power guarantee of the generator set is the guarantee for the smooth progress of the hospital's diagnosis and treatment, which means that the stability of the medical generator is required to be high. Therefore, medical diesel power generation equipment must ensure excellent quality and stable operation. Durable engine, reliable alternator, advanced emission control system and excellent generator set are specially equipped with digital control system.

4.It is recommended that hospital generators choose the advantages of automatic generators

(1)Technical performance advantages: the world's most advanced and superior generator control system.

(2)Operation display advantages: microcomputer operation template, LCD display, with backlight, to realize the unit's self-starting and self-stopping functions.

(3)Protection advantages: The main power supply has four protection functions, such as overvoltage, undervoltage, and missing item detection, and the power generation has overvoltage, undervoltage, overfrequency, and overcurrent detection functions.

(4)Technical update advantages: software version upgrade, customers can upgrade the version as needed to meet technical needs.

(5)Language advantage: The control system supports languages of different countries to meet the needs of customers of different languages.

(6)Working mode advantages: different working modes and protection parameters can be set.

(7)The advantages of regular self-maintenance: preset operation time (unit can be started regularly for maintenance operation) and maintenance cycle function.

5.The basic requirements of the hospital generator set:

(1)To ensure that the ongoing surgery and diagnosis and treatment are completed successfully;

(2)To ensure that critically ill patients are treated in a timely manner;

(3)Medical staff and patients' basic living facilities can be used normally;

(4)Ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs, organisms and body fluids used for pathological analysis;

(5)The normal operation of communication facilities;

(6)The normal operation of safety and firefighting facilities. There are special processes in the operation of the hospital, and there is a close logical relationship between multiple places or functions. Missing one link will cause other links to fail or lose the meaning of continuation.

6. For the technical parameters and prices of generator sets for hospitals, please  contact  our sales staff immediately to obtain detailed quotation plans. 

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