Mining Diesel Generator
Mining Diesel Generator
Mining Diesel Generator
Mining Diesel Generator
Mining Diesel Generator

Mining Diesel Generator

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Mining Diesel Generator
Some mines do not have city electricity, so in order to ensure the orderly production and energy supply of various mines, it is necessary to install generator sets as electrical energy.

Detailed description:

1. Notes on the selection of Beidou power mining generator set:

(1) Since the general motor power of the equipment at the time of mining is relatively large, the power of the diesel generator set is generally above 300KW, and some power needs to reach more than 2000KW, so we can consider the diesel generator set from 300kw to 2000kw, according to different In the mining process, the demand for electricity consumption can be selected exactly.

(2) Some mine diesel generating sets require 660V or higher voltage. The diesel generator set must use common power, and cannot select the diesel generator with standby power, otherwise it may not reach the power required for the start of its own equipment, resulting in losses.

(3) Due to the particularity of the place where the diesel generating set is used, the mining diesel generating set should frequently replace its air filter element, oil filter element and diesel filter element, and the mute box can prevent dust and rain to ensure the output power of the generator set.

Mining enterprises must consider the above factors when purchasing diesel generator sets, in order to purchase a good and practical mine diesel generator set.

2. The performance characteristics of diesel generators used in mines:

The diesel generator set for mining is convenient and flexible for vehicle towing, the chassis is designed with a mechanical frame, and the box body is designed with a sleek streamline design, which is beautiful and beautiful. Divided into two wheels and four wheels, all with guide wheels and four-point support, the product design is reasonable.

Mine mobile generator set adopts high elastic shock absorption. The overall design of the mobile power station chassis is designed at a low distance from the ground, making the mobile power station stable. And the unit can brake when moving at high speed or in an emergency.

The whole diesel generator set for mining is modular, and the sleek streamline design of the car is a silent style, which can be used normally without rain or snow in the door. The shielded protection level is high, and the load-bearing parts of the box are processed with ribs and die-casting to reduce the resonance of the unit and make the unit run smoothly.

3. Precautions for use beidou power mining diesel generator:

The working environment of the diesel generator set for mining is harsh, and the use of the generator set should also pay attention to some matters.

The electrical and mechanical equipment of the mine must not be opened at random to prevent personal and equipment accidents. It is forbidden to enter the blasting or color prohibited warning zone.

If diesel generators are used in mines, explosion-proof and fire protection are required. Units without explosion-proof and fireproof configuration are forbidden to enter the mine.

In addition, in mines, the environment is bad, the air quality is poor and the circulation is not smooth, and the dust is also serious. For the service life of the unit, it is still safe to use it on the ground.

4. Partial function introduction of beidou power mining diesel generator:

Mining diesel generator set has complex underground environment and high requirements:

First of all, it is necessary to know that the working environment of the mining / mining diesel generator set in the mine is very bad, and the use of diesel generator set should also pay special attention. The high configuration requirements of Perkins diesel generator sets used in mines / mines are composed of several parts: the automatic control of mine diesel generator sets includes no-load voltage adjustment, automatic voltage adjustment and protection of mine generator sets. Their functions are as follows:

A. Introduction of automatic voltage regulation: The automatic adjustment of the voltage of the mine generator is achieved by an automatic voltage regulator (AVR). When the voltage at the output of the generator rises, the excitation current of the generator is reduced by the AVR. Decrease; on the contrary, when the output voltage decreases, the excitation current of the generator is increased through the AVR to make the voltage rise and ensure the voltage stability.

B. The protection functions of mining generators include the following

Install current transformer and current relay to achieve, divided into overload short delay and overload long delay. Short-circuit protection is achieved by the electromagnetic disconnection and characteristics of the main switch. When the load end is short-circuited, the main switch automatically trips. Stator high temperature protection, by loading the stator temperature sensor, when the stator temperature exceeds the setting, an alarm is issued and protected. The moisture-proof heating is realized by installing a moisture-proof heater. When the mining generator set is in the standby state, the heater works to prevent the insulation of the motor from being reduced due to the humidity in the environment.

C. Introduction to no-load voltage regulation: When the generator is no-load, adjust the related potentiometer through AVR to adjust the output voltage within a certain range, generally 95% -105% of the rated voltage.

5. Commonly used brands and types of mining generator sets;

Brands: Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Yuchai, Shangchai

Open silent and mobile silent generator sets

6. For more details about mining generator sets, please consult our sales staff

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