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Trailer Type Generator
Beidou mobile silent trailer generator, low price, low noise, high quality, comprehensive after-sales service, service worldwide, welcome to buy.

Beidou power product description:

The beidou power mobile generator is designed and produced by our company according to the structure of many foreign mobile power stations with good operation performance and safety performance, high quality, scientific design and beautiful appearance. We have a wide range of engine brands to choose from, including long service life and reputable imported brands ; joint venture brands with moderate price; domestic brands with high cost performance ratio.Our company's silent mobile diesel generator set is based on a combination of mobile generator set and silent generator set. The excellent workmanship, material and significant noise reduction effect of the silent generator set are applied to the mobile generator set to design and manufacture a high-quality low-noise mobile generator set.

Beidou power mobile diesel generator advantages:

1.Low noise .

2.With reliable air brake interface and hand brake system to ensure the safety of driving.

3.The generator set is compact in structure, small in size and novel in appearance.

4.The shell can be made of high quality zinc-plated board or steel plate with good corrosion resistance and sealing degree.

5.The four corners of the frame are equipped with mechanical support devices, equipped with inertial service brake, parking brake and disengagement emergency brake, to ensure the safety of the unit under various conditions.

6.The front end of the frame is provided with support wheels, which have the function of bearing the vertical load of the unit and also have the guidance function.

7.Special quick opening cover for easy maintenance.

Customer procurement case:

Cummins 200kw mobile silent generator set at the construction site of HNA Group:

Beidou power mobile diesel generator configuration:

1.Braking: It has a reliable air brake interface and a manual braking system to ensure safety during driving.

2.Traction: It adopts movable hook, 180 ° turntable, flexible steering and convenient operation.

3.Doors and windows: There are ventilation windows in the front, and two doors at the rear, and there are doors on both sides for operators to enter and exit.

4.Support: In order to ensure the stability of the power car in operation, it is equipped with a 4R mechanical or hydraulic support device.

5.Appearance: The paint uses polymer polyurethane paint, and the color can be customized by the user. The text and decoration on the outside of the trunk can be made according to user requirements.

6.Carriage size: The size of the carriage is determined according to the specifications. Operators can walk around for easy operation and maintenance.

7.Fire Fighting: Two fire extinguishers can be equipped with the vehicle.

Customized mobile silent generator set:

Beidou power diesel generator application:

The mobile trailer-type generator set can be placed indoors or directly outdoors. It is placed indoors to save space for customers. At the same time as a few silent generators are placed in the machine room, power workers can also work in the office and some other power equipment can be placed inside. It is placed outdoors, which saves customers a lot of money to build a generator room.

Beidou power diesel generator precautions:

Before starting maintenance or repairing the generator set, the start switch or operating lever should be hung-"No operation"or similar warning sign. Do not allow unauthorized persons to approach the engine while the generator set is being maintained or repaired. And press the emergency stop button of the generator set control screen, the generator output switch should be in the OFF (off) position. According to the requirements of working conditions, a helmet should be worn when entering the installation site of the generator set. Protective eyes and other protective supplies should be worn when wearing protective clothing. When running the engine in a sealed place, wear ear protection to prevent hearing damage. Do not wear oversized protective clothing and jewelry at the work site. These may be hung on the joystick or other engine parts. Verify that all guards or covers are in place on the engine. Use caution when using all cleaning agents. Do not place maintenance solutions in glass containers, as glass containers are easily damaged.

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We also have more types of generator sets for you to choose!For more brands of mobile silent generator sets, technology and quotation plans, please contact our sales manager, sales contact information.

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