Common Misoperations of Diesel Generator


Wrong operations of diesel generator sets will seriously affect the service life of generator. Let's take a look at the misoperations of diesel generator sets in daily life.
1. The diesel engine runs when the oil is insufficient.
At this time, due to insufficient supply of oil, the surface of each friction pair is insufficiently supplied with oil, resulting in abnormal wear or burns. To this end, before the diesel generator starts and during the operation of the diesel engine, it is necessary to ensure sufficient oil to prevent the cylinder and the tile from being damaged due to lack of oil.
2. Stop immediately after a sudden stop with load or sudden unloading
After the diesel generator is turned off, the cooling water circulation stops, the heat dissipation capacity is drastically reduced, and the heat-receiving member loses cooling, which may cause overheating of the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block, etc., causing cracks, or excessive expansion of the piston to the cylinder liner. Inside. On the other hand, if the diesel generator is stopped without idling, the friction surface will be insufficient.
3. When the diesel generator cold start is started, due to the large viscosity of the oil and poor fluidity, the oil supply of the oil pump is insufficient, the friction surface of the machine is poorly lubricated due to lack of oil, causing rapid wear and even failures such as pulling the cylinder and burning the tile. Therefore, after the diesel engine is cooled and started, it should be warmed up at idle speed. When the standby oil temperature reaches 40°C or above, it will be loaded with load. The machine should be hung at a low speed and start to travel for a certain distance in each gear until the oil temperature is normal and the oil supply is sufficient. After that, you can switch to normal driving.
4. The diesel engine slams the throttle after a cold start.
If the throttle is slammed, the speed of the diesel generator will rise sharply, which will cause some frictional surfaces on the machine to wear out due to dry friction. In addition, when the throttle is hit, the piston, the connecting rod and the crankshaft have large variations in the receiving force, causing severe impact and easily damaging the machine.
5. Operate when the cooling water is insufficient or the cooling water and oil temperature are too high.
Insufficient cooling water of the diesel generator will reduce its cooling effect. The diesel engine will overheat due to the lack of effective cooling. If the oil temperature of the cooling water or oil is too high, the diesel engine will overheat. At this time, the diesel generator cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston assembly and valve are mainly subject to large heat load, and its mechanical properties such as strength and toughness are drastically reduced, which increases the deformation of the parts, reduces the matching clearance between the parts, and accelerates the wear of the parts. In severe cases, cracks may occur and the parts may become stuck.