Installation requirements for Shangchai fuel


        What are the installation requirements for the fuel tank of Shangchai generator? Let me share with you:
        1. The storage location of the fuel tank must be safe to prevent fire. The fuel tank or oil drum should be placed in a visible place alone, properly away from the generator, and it is strictly prohibited to smoke.
        2. The fuel capacity in the fuel tank should ensure the daily supply every day.
        3. After the oil tank is placed, the highest oil level cannot be higher than the unit base by 2.5 meters. If the oil level of the large oil depot is higher than 2.5 meters, a daily oil tank should be added between the large oil depot and the unit, so that the direct oil supply pressure is not greater than 2.5 Meter. Even when the diesel engine is turned off, the fuel is not allowed to flow into the diesel engine through the fuel inlet line or the fuel injection line by gravity.
        4. The resistance at the oil port is not allowed to exceed the specified value when using a clean filter element specified on the performance data sheet of the diesel engine used. This resistance value is based on half the fuel in the fuel tank.
        5. The fuel oil return resistance should not exceed the stipulation on the performance data sheet of the diesel engine used.

        6. The connection of the fuel oil return pipeline should not cause shock waves in the fuel oil in the oil pipeline.