How to prevent diesel generator tank from bubbling


Bubbles in the fuel tank of a diesel generator set are usually caused by high-pressure gas in the cylinder spilling into the cooling channel.The causes and elimination of gas channels are as follows:

1. Cylinder head nut shall not be tightened according to the specified torque.If the torque is too small and the cylinder head is not pressed, the high-pressure gas will flow into the waterway.The cylinder head nut should be tightened according to the specified torque and retightened periodically.

2. If the cylinder pad is used for too long, it will be damaged or burned, and the sealing will be poor, resulting in air leakage.Replace the cylinder gasket.

3, cylinder head plane processing uneven or deformation, resulting in air leakage.The cylinder head should be ground or replaced.

4, improper assembly, resulting in cylinder sleeve shoulder fracture and gas channeling.Replace the cylinder liner according to the prescribed method.

5, cylinder sleeve shoulder height is not enough or the body on the shoulder hole depth is too large, resulting in the cylinder suit into the body, convex body plane height is not enough, even depression, gas will be from the shoulder into the channel.Therefore, the assembly should be tested before assembly, check the protrusion, and ensure that it is within the allowable range.