How to change the oil of diesel generator set


         How to change the oil of diesel generator set correctly? Here is a detailed explanation for you:
         1. Place the generator set on a flat surface and start the engine for a few minutes to increase its oil temperature and then stop the engine.
         2. Remove the oil injection bolt (ie the oil dipstick).
         3. Place an oil basin under the engine, remove the oil drain screw, and the oil can be drained from the crankshaft oil tank.
         4. Check the oil drain screw, sealing ring and rubber ring. If damaged, please replace it immediately.
         5. Reinstall the oil-returning screw and tighten it.
         6. Add the oil to the upper position of the grid of the oil dipstick.
         1. After the generator set is used for 20 hours (or one month) for the first time, the oil should be changed immediately

         2. After every 1000 hours (or 6 months) of use, the oil must be changed.