General regulations for relay protection and


        What are the general regulations for relay protection and automatic devices of Yuchai generators? Let me share with you here:
        The relay protection and automatic device of Yuchai generator is to ensure the operation of the power grid. The main device to protect electrical equipment, improper use or incorrect action of the protective device will cause accidents or expansion of accidents, damage to electrical equipment or even the collapse of the entire power system.
        1. There should be obvious equipment names on the front and back of the relay protection panel. The relays, pressure plates, experimental parts and terminal blocks on the panel should have obvious logo names. The relay protection personnel are responsible for doing it well before putting it into operation.
        2. Under any circumstances, the equipment is not allowed to run without protection. If the switch is changed to non-automatic, part of the protection can be disabled for a short time only with the approval of the relevant dispatch and the leader of the factory.
        3. The activation, deactivation, experiment or change of fixed value of relay protection and automatic devices, such as equipment managed by the system, should be executed according to the dispatch command; such as equipment managed by the factory, should be executed according to the value long command.
        4. The operator generally only invests in the operation of removing the pressure plate of the device, the control switch (switch) and the operation of the control power supply. In the event of an accident or an abnormal situation, the necessary processing can be carried out after the drawings are identified, and Make the necessary records.

        5. The relay protection drawings at the operator's office should always be kept correct and complete. When the wiring of the relay protection circuit is changed, the maintenance personnel should send the change report and modify the drawings in time.